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Welcome to the Tower of Time Wiki[edit | edit source]

Tower of Time is an RPG with real-time combat (pause or slow-mo). A modern blend of many classic and new takes on tactical combat with a fresh and innovative high fantasy/sci-fi theme. In a post-apocalyptic dark age, the player takes on the role of a motivated leader of a group of heroes trying to unveil the mysteries of the underground tower and save the planet from starvation.

Nuts and Bolts[edit | edit source]

To learn more about combat mechanics, visit the Combat Mechanics page (talks about basic character elements to detailed mechanical interactions of stat), and to learn more about the Loot System visit the loot system page (includes crafting, blacksmithing, forging and more).

The Player[edit | edit source]

The player in Tower of Time is personified in the main character that is a noncombatant. After the initial introduction and before the walking tutorial, the main character is no longer playable. While they continue to be a main plot device, they no longer tend to directly participate with the heroes.

The game starts by exploring the tower as a boy, and you are introduced to the tower environment, but not the combat of the game. The boy interacts with the force that drew him into the tower and finds out it is a powerful mage. This mage gives him cryptic and ominous instructions and then sends him away.

While the player is technically the mastermind of the group, they don’t participate in combat. Through mysterious magic of the crystal throne, the player is able to stay at the top of the tower and witness and influence the exploration of the tower. The Crystal Throne lets the player see through his champions' eyes and hear through their ears, even influencing the mental state and decision-making process of the Champions.

The Heroes[edit | edit source]

Throughout the exploration of the tower, the player meets characters that will participate in continued exploration and combat. The heroes have personal motivations and will constantly present their opinions and feeling of the environment and state in which they find themselves. While there are seven playable heroes in all, the player starts with only two under their control from the very beginning.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Throughout the exploration of the Tower, there are main and side Quests: The list of quests for each respective level can be found on the following pages:

  1. Tower Level 1 Quests
  2. Tower Level 2 Quests
  3. Tower Level 3 Quests
  4. Tower Level 4 Quests
  5. Tower Level 5 Quests
  6. Tower Level 6 Quests
  7. Tower Level 7 Quests
  8. Tower Level 8 Quests
  9. Tower Level 9 Quests
  10. Tower Level 10 Quests
  11. The Final Battle

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Like Quests, Challenges are an integral part of Tower of Time. They unlock in groups after specific battles within the tower are won. By finishing these challenges, you are rewarded with gear, gold and gems.

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